two years waiting for the sequel have been worth it - here is enough dubs 2 with bass-driven sounds from all over the world.

download all tracks (zip, 200mb)

1.confrontation by auxdub feat. simba amlak
2.kyyn eleet by gök
3.i don't know by roots'n'fruits .
4.projecting fear by desmond denker's cradle by jean nine
6.mighty nice by bassrael feat. ac akut .
7.step ya mind by babysitta
8.hamara by gök
9.event horizon by codex
10.chicken factory by the lonely schizo & schmove
11.contraban by cheapshot
12.i gotz elekted lol by bassrack wobama
13.deadlinez by trollhead


compiled by: ps & dipswitch
cover design: anna [at]
microsite: pandur
track 3 mastered by skope / up rough.
track 6 mastered by desmond denker.

enoughrecords 2010
creative commons by-nc-nd 3.0