2013 is the 100th anniversary of 'L´Arte dei Rumori', the first artistic manifesto concerning noise music. It was written by Luigi Russolo, an Italian futurist painter and composer, who was interested in classifying all the new sounds that were coming out from the machines at the time.

Public Domain Celebration Release [enrcmp18]

Celebrating the Public Domain Day we have released the first part of 100 Years of Noise under CC0 license on the 1st of January. You can find it available free for download at

Final Release [enrcmp19]

Featuring 11 additional tracks that either prefered not having their tracks licensed as public domain or didn't make it in time for our January 1st Public Domain Release. This Final Release is licensed with Creative Commons Attributive, Non-Commercial, Share Alike license and it's also available free for download at



Sergio de Prado - organization, curation
Filipe Cruz - co-organization, website
Víctor Arce - artwork

Enough Records 2013